Excellent! A clear, concise and thought provoking look at culture, democracy and the law, which every American should read regardless of political affiliation. I have bought multiple copies of this excellent book to share with others….you may find yourself doing the same.

— MD —


A grounded interpretation of the current political and social climate, at a time when clear thinking and level headedness are difficult to maintain and unpopular to express. Michael’s first hand experiences with different facets of the political, social, and federal contructs in the U.S. has resulted in very clear opinions on each of these systems individually and how they fit together. I would recommend this to all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, as a clear reminder of what the role of government should be, and more importantly, what it shouldn’t.

— Henry P —


…the life experience and intelligence to write a book like this. He’s a fascinating man with interesting opinions… Mike Merhige has the life experience and intelligence to write a book like this. He’s a fascinating man with interesting opinions and thoughts. It’s an easy read, one worth reading over a couple times to absorb it.

— CJT —


Michael Merhige’s book Thoughtful Pauses (aptly named) is certainly written with conviction and substance reflecting his background and experience. I agree with most of his points of view. The book hits largely on yesterday, today and tomorrow. Upon reading, one will take inventory and think of where we are and where we are heading. It’s a good read and I recommend it for all audiences.

— 1Deder —


THOUGHTFUL INDEED! “Thoughtful Pauses” is well named for it changes one’s thought processes. Mr Merhige’s lifelong international experience with the CIA enables him to reveal a whole new vision of the prizes and pitfalls of government and law. He demonstrates here how politicians and the media overtly and covertly manipulate our culture, our society, and ultimately, our minds. These passages are revealing, unapologetic, often scary, and worth reading if you wish to see more clearly. This book is an eye-opener that improves our thinking processes.

— Amazon Customer —


” A small book, but, oh so heavy.”

— Gary Filippi, Port au Prince, Haiti —


“Great thoughts by a thoughtful scholar. I do share many of your views and thoroughly enjoyed your literary skills. A+ and very well done.”

— Semper Fi – Bill Schultes —

Thoughtful Pauses: A Political Philosophy was published by Fulton Books.
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